Algerian protest cut short

Police in the Algerian capital moved swiftly to prevent a banned anti-government rally going ahead – making a number of arrests. Between 20 and 40 people are also reported to have been injured in clashes as riot officers barred the opposition RCD party from leaving its headquarters.

RCD leader, Said Saadi, called for all those detained during recent protests to be released. “We also call for the respect of liberties guaranteed by the constitution, as well as the supression of institutions created after fraud,” he continued, refering to disputed election result.

In echoes of the situation in Tunisia, Saadi said once these demands had been met Algeria could enter a transition period by peaceful means. Addressing supporters from the balcony of the party HQ, Saadi said President Abdelaziz Bouteflika should suffer the same fate as Tunisia’s Ben Ali. Authorities had banned the rally saying it would disturb public order.



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