New mass grave found in Boukraa area east of occupied city of Laayoune

Boukraa – A mass grave was discovered last week in Boukraa area, east of the occupied city of Laayoune, dated to the beginning of the Moroccan invasion of Western Sahara, reported the Sahrawi Association of Victims of Grave Human Rights Violations Committed by the Moroccan State(ASVDH).

The Association has learned from reliable Sahrawi sources, according to a cable news, SPS received a copy of it, company workers of fosboukraa, for extracting phosphate in the region “found seven human skulls of Sahrawis while digging in the mine about a dozen kilometers northeastern of Boucraa. ”

The sources confirmed, which confirmed the news, according to the association, the skulls related to Sahrawi nomads “likely to be passed away under torture at the hands of Moroccan army or gendarmerie during the Moroccan invasion and occupation of Western Sahara.”

The Association held Morocco “responsible of obscuring the facts of the genocide in Western Sahara.”

It should be recalled that other mass graves had been found near “the Black Jail” in the occupied city of Laayoune and in Smara, the Moroccan authorities did not provide any explanation or specify measures to identify the bodies.

SPS 12 Maart 2010


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