Casablanca 7

Statement of Seven Western Saharan Prisoners of Conscience held in Sale, Morocco

Around the world, governments and parliaments, human rights organizations, trade unions and others support our struggle and our right to express our opinions and engage in peaceful activism, and demand our release without restriction or condition.

Despite this, and contrary to international law, the Moroccan State continues to detain us in custody without fair trial. We as human rights activists are considered traitors to the state and therefore will receive a military trial.

In accordance with Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we oppose our five month detention without trial and the refusal of the Moroccan authorities to disclose the full nature of the charges against us.

We, the Sahrawi Human Rights Activists and prisoners of conscience in the local prison of Sale, Morocco, will initiate an open ended hunger strike on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 in order to expedite the claim to either a fair trial or our release without restriction or condition.

We urge all international supporters of democracy, human rights groups and organizations to support us in this fight for our right to dignity and to put pressure on the Moroccan State to release all the Sahrawi and Moroccan political prisoners in Morocco.


the defenders of Sahrawi Human Rights and Prisoners of conscience:

Dagja Lachgar: Detention No. 50016.
Ali Salem Tamek: Detention No: 50010.
Brahim Dahane: Detention No: 50014.
Ahmed Nasiri: Detention No: 50015.
Yahdih Tarouzi: Detention No: 50012.
Saleh Labihi: Detention No: 50011.
Rashid Sghir: Detention No: 50013.

The local prison of Sale (Morocco) March 17, 2010


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